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Camera Key Features

HD video capable (720p60)
D1 video capable
Wired Network Access
WiFi: 802.11g/n 2.4GHz
Powered zoom & focus
Manual zoom & focus
Integrated IR illuminator ring support (IR ring optional)
Built-in microphone with remote on/off control
Microphone input
Mountable in common outdoor housing
Weather resistant (IP64)
Bandwidth Shaping™ for dynamic network utilization
Hybrid edge-cloud storage and playback
Live streaming on demand
Configurable advanced motion detection
IntelEvent™ captures based on intelligent object tracking
Selectable capture modes
Video/Images encrypted at the camera
LEDs to indicate camera activity with remote on/off control
Made in the U.S.A
MSRP (CudaEye Partners may discount) $179 $279 $379

Service Plan Comparison

Video Quality (max) HD1 D1 HD1 HD1
Video Resolution (max) 1280 x 720 720 x 480 1280 x 720 1280 x 720
Preview Quality (max)   Good (Q3, 4s) Better (Q3, 2s) Best (Q1, 1s)
Video Retention (days) Up to 30 days2 7 30 (60 & 90 avail) 30 (60 & 90 avail)
Preview Retention (days)   Live only 7 30
Max # of Cameras Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
# of user login(s) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Motion detection
Surveillance Operations Screen
Live Video Dashboard
Motion and Activity Alerts
iPhone and Mobile Video Access
Audio Recording
Multi-Site Management System
Saved Events
Long-term Storage
Role based Access
Advanced Reporting
Scheduled Recording Events
Monthly MSRP per Camera
(CudaEye Partners may discount)
$5 $10 $20 $35
1Requires HD capable camera.
2 Recorded video is 128-bit encrypted and stored on camera's MicroSD card.
Duration of video retention is limited by MicroSD card size (8GB-32GB).
CudaEye Vault, Cloud, Camera and Browser Intel Events™ Brillian Camera Bandwidth Shaping™ Highly Secure Cloud Based Service Intuitive Browser UI
Android app on Google Play
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Get professional results without needing the professional. Everything you need is included, and no specialized network or camera knowledge is required. Simply plug a CudaEye camera in and great video is reliably recorded. Log in to your secure cudaeye.com account to access it.
CudaEye is better video monitoring. Quickly find what you want from days or weeks of video in the fast, intuitive user interface. Use CudaEye where and when you need with universal browser access. Keep up to date without wasting time through the unique NOW mode. And get great images from almost any environment with camera features like ultra wide dynamic range, true day/night(IR) imaging, object based motion capture, and h.264 compression.
Starting at $299.00, cameras include one year service plan with cloud based archiving. Annual service renewals are as low as $119.99. The 3 year cost of a CudaEye Camera plus service is less than you will pay for an equivalent camera alone. CudaEye delivers great functionality, zero maintenance, simplified install, and universal access. Whether you need 100s of cameras for multi-facility intrusion detection or just want to understand what your dog does when you're not home, CudaEye is a powerful, easy to use solution at a revolutionary price.
The CudaEye service just works. Centrally managed servers prevent security issues on your network. Enterprise class archives deliver 99.999% reliability. Active Software assures your cameras and service keep working. And our constant monitoring helps makes sure if something does go wrong, it is fixed before you need it.
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